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Where are Fisker Cars made?

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So where are Fisker cars made? The location of the factory has yet to be announced by Fisker. Its executives haven't discussed plans to manufacture the cars in the US, but they are likely to use a contract manufacturer. Foxconn already has a deal in place to build an entry-level PEAREV in Ohio beginning in 2024. Additionally, the company would be eligible for federal tax credits if it builds the Ocean Electric Vehicle in the USA.

Magna Steyr

The Magna Steyr Fisker company isn't the most well-known American automaker, despite its name. Magna Steyr manufactures cars for Mercedes-Benz (Jaguar), BMW, and Toyota. It is located in Austria. It also makes a Sony sedan and has designed a brand new EV prototype.

The Fisker Ocean will be based on the same electric vehicle architecture that Magna developed. Magna's FM29 platform will be used to build the Fisker Ocean. It will retail for $37,500 in America. In Germany, the Fisker Ocean should sell for around EUR32,000. It will also be available in the UK for around $39,000.

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Foxconn is a huge electronics contract maker that recently agreed build electric vehicles for Fisker Inc. They are working together to create a low-cost electric car. The new Fisker factory will be built in Wisconsin, where Foxconn already has a plant. For its huge manufacturing facility, the company has received state subsidies in excess of a billion dollars. Fisker's agreement is also first-of-its kind for an American-based maker of electric vehicles.

Fisker's electric car, the Fisker PEAR, will be smaller than its siblings and will be less expensive. This will make it more affordable. It is expected to sell for below $30K (before any tax incentives) and production will begin in the second half of 2023. The company plans to build at least 10,000 vehicles per month in the United States. The company also plans to use Foxconn's capacity to make at least 150,000 Fisker cars a year. The details of the plan are still not clear.


Fisker Automotive is among many American companies that have been left behind in the aftermath of the recession. China now controls the company. However, Fisker isn't making all of its cars in China. It still makes some in the US. Its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol FSR.

The company announced that it will invest $375million into the Hangzhou plant. It is expected to produce approximately 3,000 Revero luxury cars each year. The company claims it will start production within one year. It will also complete half-developed development on a second model.

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United States

Fisker Ocean will be a five-passenger, electric SUV. Deliveries are expected to begin in November 2022. Prices start at $37,449 for the front-wheel-drive base model. The top-of-the-line model, the Fisker Ocean Ultra, can reach 340 miles on a charge and comes with two electric motors for all-wheel drive. The huge solar-powered roof makes it even more attractive. Fisker is currently testing the product and fine-tuning the production process with prototypes, despite it being a bit late for delivery.

Although US plans have not been discussed with executives, it is reasonable to assume that the US will be involved. As of right now, Fisker's Ocean SUV is produced by the Austrian firm Magna. However, the company will soon be adding a U.S. plant to produce the upcoming Pear' model. The company will be able to use federal tax credits that encourage electric cars.

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PlayStation Network prohibits you from playing online if you live outside a given area. This makes it less convenient to play online.

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Where are Fisker Cars made?