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Where are Fisker Cars Manufactured?

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Where are Fisker cars produced? Although rumors have circulated about Fisker's production plant in Detroit, most people are still not sure what the company is. The company has announced that a new round of financing will begin in April 2012. If you're curious about where Fisker's cars are made, keep reading to find out more. Here are some interesting facts. Here are the addresses for Fisker factories:


Canadians may wonder where Fisker cars come from. Actually, Fisker cars are made in Toronto. Recent acquisitions saw the company sold to a Chinese corporation. The Revero, a hybrid vehicle that was first introduced in 2016, is now all-electric. While it's not clear when this new model will be available, Fisker of Toronto will make the cars there.

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While most electric cars are made abroad, Fisker vehicles are assembled in Toronto. Magna is the Magna manufacturing facility, which makes vehicles such as the BMW 5 Series SUV and Mercedes-Benz G class SUV. The company currently plans to produce 50,000 cars by 2023. However, its CEO is optimistic that the production will triple. Magna, which manufactures the G class sedan and G-class SUVs by Benz-Benz G Class SUVs, is also held by Magna.

Wilmington Assembly Plant

Fisker cars can be made in many ways. The plant is also home to GM's former Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac assembly division, which built millions of vehicles in Wilmington. The company declared bankruptcy after failing to repay federal loans. The only vehicle remaining at the plant is a Pontiac Solstice conversion, which was manufactured at that plant up until 2011.

GM's Wilmington Assembly plant closed last spring. However, the company purchased it from the Motors Liquidation Department for $18 million. This is the company left in bankruptcy court. This plant housed the Pontiac Solstice (and Saturn Sky) which stopped production in spring 2013. Fisker Automotive plans on using the plant to produce affordable plug in hybrid cars. Project NINA, an affordable plug-in hybrid sedan, will also be built at the plant. It will cost just below $40k after federal taxes.


Magna Fisker has a new car that looks great for the future. Despite a high starting price, the Ocean EV's interior volume rivals a BMW 5-Series. The monthly lease cost is $379, and Fisker hopes to be cashflow positive by 2023. Magna's 6 percent stake in the company doesn't amount to cash. It is a partnership that allows for engineering services. So it does not need cars to be delivered soon.

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The Ocean EV will be built on Magna's electric vehicle architecture, modified by Fisker to meet its own requirements. This will enable the car to be manufactured at a lower cost, with a higher class-leading range. The Ocean SUV is expected in the market with a starting MSRP of $37.499. This includes tax credits as well as EV-related subsidies. It will offer a range of around 270 miles and be priced at below EUR32,200.

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Where are Fisker Cars Manufactured?