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Bosch Introduces Zone-Oriented Automotive Electronic/E Architectures

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Bosch is working on new E/E architectures to manage the vehicle's complexity. Bosch is moving away from domain-specific E/E systems to more centralized, cross-domain systems. In these systems, a few powerful vehicle computers connect with the rest of the embedded control units. Bosch calls this approach "zone-oriented E/E architecture," and it promises to reduce the complexity of the overall system while also improving security and reliability.

Central architecture

Today's cars require a high level of storage and processing capabilities due to their central architecture. Implementing it can be difficult, especially for larger vehicles. Without decentralization, the centralized architecture won't be able to support all functions of modern vehicles. There are many solutions to these problems. These are just some of the key components of the new Architecture.

The architecture of the cars we drive today will change as the automotive industry develops more advanced technology. By the mid-2020s, centralized architecture will likely be the majority of vehicles. Its benefits are obvious: it reduces wires and increases the computing power of the vehicle. This will allow for more software and features to enhance the driving experience. By following these guidelines, manufacturers will be able to build safer vehicles that have fewer faults.

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Achieving a secure, resilient vehicle is a top priority for automakers. Vehicle safety is paramount, and zonal architecture helps to ensure that. A zone architecture allows automakers to decouple functions from physical hardware and treat computational elements as pooled resources, which can be assigned tasks strictly or on-demand. It also enables automakers to scale their architecture, as it is capable of supporting more sensors and electronics than a traditional model.

The ECU (electronic control unit) is a discrete, computer-controlled device that controls vehicle features, such as door locks, lights, and powertrain components. As automotive technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, so do the number and complexity of ECUs. ECUs become more complicated, heavier and more costly, increasing system complexity, costs, and weight. Automobile manufacturers have developed wireless zonal architectures to solve these problems. The underlying technology supports these architectures. Zone-ECU development is supported by a virtualization solution platform, including a PC-hosted interaction tool.

Lead functional safety engineer

The Lead Functional Security Engineer at EE Automotive oversees all aspects of safety and is responsible for developing complete automotive E/E infrastructures. This position will allow you to work closely with engineering, product and test teams in order to develop and implement safety and crash prevention systems. This role will involve you in the delivery and compliance of ISO 26262 safety cases and the maintenance and updating of the Project Safety Case Checklist.

The job requires a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. Experience managing multiple priorities is required. You will be responsible for defining system topologies, components, and interfaces, and managing multiple competing priorities. You should also be well-versed in the latest automotive standards and regulations. This job requires a solid knowledge of these standards. This job is right for you if you have the required experience and expertise.

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The Escrypt Automotive Firewall, CycurGATE, is integrated into the switch. It supports a wide variety of filter mechanisms such as Deep Packet Inspection (Stateless Packet Inspection), Dynamic Stateful Inspection (DSI), and more. CycurGATE is a firewall solution that controls all packet flows and can support all of the most common routing techniques. Additionally, it uses hardware acceleration in the switch to process data packets at wirespeed.

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Bosch Introduces Zone-Oriented Automotive Electronic/E Architectures